RBR active™ Charities

Throughout the World there are some superb Charities, Support Groups and Sources of Information.
At RBR active we’re very proud to let you know of the following*

Rwanda Clot Awareness Network is a network of Rwanda blood clot patients and advocates that aims at increasing public awareness about the condition of Thrombosis, DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolism.

The Thrombosis Research Institute is dedicated to bringing new solutions to patients for the detection, prevention and treatment of blood clots.

Dedicated to furthering education and research on Thrombosis through resources for patients and healthcare professionals

Thrombosis Ireland aims to increase awareness of Thrombosis in the public and medical sectors.

Thrombosis UK aims to increase awareness of the risks, signs and symptoms of VTE and to support research to extend understanding into the prevention and best management of VTE.

The Time2Move campaign is a global initiative that is raising public awareness of blood clots, aiming to get people around the world moving against thrombosis.

The Anticoagulation Forum is a membership organisation of physicians, pharmacists and nurses dedicated to excellence in anticoagulant therapy.

Anticoag UK is a leading charity whose aims are the prevention of thrombosis and providing information on anticoagulation therapy.

A global year long movement to build awareness of Blood Clots.

* RBR active™ do not have any association directly with any of these Charities, Support Groups and Sources of Information, by following the links, RBR active™ have no control of the contents of the sites.