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As RBR active™ has evolved, we’ve had the absolute pleasure to meet and to have the support of some truly inspirational individuals. As RBR active™ start its first commercial year with the launch of RBR legflow™, it is immensely proud to support Charlie Martell (MA, FRGS) and Paralympic GOLD medallist Will Bayley (MBE).

The partnership between RBR active™, Charlie and Will is one of respect, awareness of the challenges being undertaking and the commitments that are necessary to succeed. Charlie is shortly to row the Pacific Ocean, Will is focussed on winning a further Paralympic GOLD in Tokyo 2020, and RBR active™ is proud to have these people supporting our cause.


Charlie Martell

Charlie Martell already a double Guinness World Record Ocean Rower has so far, rowed the Atlantic and trekked to the North Pole and his active service in Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland led to a post-Army career in the humanitarian sector where he specialised in clearing explosive hazards.

In 2019 Charlie will attempt a further gruelling Guinness World Record feat – to be the first person in history, to row solo and unsupported across the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan to the USA, land to land.

The team at RBR active™ is in awe of such an attempt and is incredibly humbled to be able to support Charlie as he takes on the immense challenge ahead.

During the anticipated 6 month challenge, there will be times when Charlie is holed up in the aft cabin of his ocean rowing boat “Blossom”, to ensure that Charlie keeps his blood flowing, RBR active™ will ensure he has his very own #RowPacific2019 RBR legflow™ with him. When Charlie’s not rowing, it’s so important to keep circulation to the lower limbs. Help is a long way away, and we’re happy to be part of keeping Charlie safe and sound during his 5082-mile journey. Charlie knows that #seekHELP is a key message as he travels from Japan to the USA and that by having his RBR legflow™ close by, he will arrive safe and healthy.

We will also be keeping everyone up to date on the journey and ensuring that Charlie’s progress and World Record attempt is widely known about. You can also follow Charlie via his website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

To receive updates on Charlie’s #RowPacific2019 journey join RBR active™ Row Pacific 2019 click here *terms and conditions apply, please see RBR active™ GDPR statement.

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Will Bayley

From the moment opponent, Israeli, Pereira Stroh’s shot went wide, Paralympic Gold medallist Will captured the relief, excitement and emotion of what he’d accomplished by jumping onto the table tennis table! Bizarrely he was then shown a yellow card. But it didn’t matter; Will was the 2016 Paralympic GOLD medallist.

The life of an elite international sportsman is quite a phenomenal existence. Training, commitment, focus, competition, dedication, sacrifices, drive, ambition and lots of travel. Will is not only ranked World number 1, he is also the 2016 Summer Paralympics Games gold medallist and the 2014 World Champion.

RBR active™ is so enthused by all that Will has achieved, that we want to support him on his journey to 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.

Will is supported by a superb team, giving him the best opportunity to reach his sporting goals. At RBR active™, we’re proud to support Will and his team with RBR legflow™, ensuring that all the travel to and from competitions, Will and his team are as safe as can be from any possibility of developing a thrombosis.

Will knows that #seekHELP is a key message when he travels and that having his RBR legflow™ by his side will ensure his safe and healthy arrival, all the way to 2020 in Tokyo.

To receive updates on Will’s journey to Tokyo 2020, join RBR active™ Will’s Tokyo 2020 journey click here  – please see RBR active GDPR statement.

To enjoy Will’s journey to Tokyo 2020, please follow Will on his own website, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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