“The RBR Legflow transformed my flight to Cyprus”

Jacqueline had her first blood clot in 2000 aged 26.

Heavily pregnant, she had been working a 40-hour week in a desk job, rarely getting up and about to get her blood pumping.

She has had two clots which resulted in the need for a four-hour surgery to have stents put in her leg and now takes blood thinners to keep her blood flowing.

Understandably she is now very nervous about spending long periods of time sitting still.

Which is why she agreed to try out the RBR Legflow on a 4.5 hour flight to Paphos.

“I’m not a frequent flyer so when I do it can be highly stressful,” she said. “But having this with me completely transformed my journey.

“I simply put it under my chair and rested my feet on it. Just feeling it there reminded me to regularly exercise and the positioning actually made sitting more comfortable because it raised my legs up.

“I followed the instructions on how to complete the exercises from YouTube and added my own exercises by rolling my feet over the top so that my knees were splayed out and then back together.

“Using it reduced swelling and achiness from flying. It also intrigued the air hostess who thought it was a great idea.”

Jacqueline wore socks while on her flight but the Legflow can be used with shoes on or off as it has antimicrobial certification.

The aid is registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) and all materials used in the manufacturing are approved by the FDA and EPA.