DVT and the Coronavirus

We find ourselves in a very unique and challenging time. With the coronavirus pandemic rightly being the news that is at the fore. At RBR Active™, we, more than most are aware of the knock-on health conditions that the pandemic might possibly bring.

With the number of family, friends and colleagues working from home or being furloughed by their employers, the increased sedentary daily routines of those in care homes and retirement homes or those expecting the birth of a child, it is intrinsic of us all to do all we can to ensure that loved ones, friends, colleagues, residents and those with underlying health conditions are as safe as possible.

Whether it’s chair exercising, aerobics in the living room with the “body coach” or Pilates with “Will Bailey MBE”. It is imperative that we all maintain a healthy blood flow to the lower limbs.

Being sedentary for over an hour reduces your blood flow by over 50%. This significantly increases the threat of you developing a deadly blood clot (DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis).

RBR Active™ have been working with Professor Richard Beasley to develop the RBR Legflow™, a DVT prevention device that is proven to increase blood flow over 10-fold whilst sedentary. Using Professor Beasley’s research on sedentary office workers, we have been able to develop the RBR Legflow™ an MHRA approved medical device. This simple device sits under the feet, and by following 3 easy to do exercises, people of all ages, abilities find it’s a simple and effective way to significantly increase the flow of blood to the lower limbs reducing the risk of developing DVT. Not only that, but it also brings other benefits to your health through increased circulation.