Blood clot survivor keeps record attempt flowing

A blood clot survivor is supporting a record attempt to row across the Pacific.

Paul Westerman, founder of RBR Active, has helped source the satellite communication equipment for Charlie Martell who is travelling more than 5,000 miles across the Pacific to raise money for Give Them a Sporting Chance, Veterans in Action and the Allied Forces Foundation.

Row Pacific 2019 is a gruelling Guinness World Record attempt to be the first person in history to travel land to land starting in Japan on 23rd April. The aim is to reach the USA within six months, solo and unsupported.

Talking about the sponsorship, Paul said: “We are in complete awe of such an attempt and are thrilled to be able to support Charlie as he takes on this immense challenge.

“We are also pleased to provide Charlie with an RBR legflowTM for the journey. There will be times when Charlie will be cooped up in the cabin of his boat ‘Blossom’ unable to get full movement and it’s important to keep circulation to his lower limbs to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is where the RBR legflowTM can help.

“Although Charlie will be rowing for considerable amounts of time, it’s the times that he is sedentary that we need to be concerned about and as he’s so far away from help, his safety is paramount.”

Already a double Guinness World Record ocean rower, this is Charlie’s third record attempt.

Charlie said: “I am hugely grateful to Paul and my other sponsors for their support. Without them, this record attempt wouldn’t be able to get started.

“I’m keen to return this support to RBR Active by helping to raise awareness of deep vein thrombosis including backing its #SeekHELP campaign. If by sharing the campaign messages helps to save lives, it’s a no-brainer.”

Since Paul’s blood clot, he has founded RBR Active and launched the #SeekHELP campaign to raise awareness of the signs of DVT and to warn people who experience Heat, Excessive redness, Localised swelling or Pain to get urgent medical attention.

For more information on RBR Active please visit and to follow Charlie’s journey or to donate, please visit

  Photos kindly provided by Wild Thring Media.