A Critical Look at Understanding the Emotional Suffering of Blood Clot Survivors

Our good friends the NBCA (stoptheclot.org) are presently undertaking an anonymous survey about the psychological effects of surviving a blood clot. This area of survival is little understood, and sadly, quite often over looked by the medical community.

A recent paper was published in the BMJ and is well worth a read. The authors, Simon Noble, Rhian Lewis, Jodie Whithers, Sarah Lewis and Paul Bennet bring a lot of excellent clinical and psychological understanding to the mental trauma many survivors experience. The paper is published here: Long-term psychological consequences of symptomatic pulmonary embolism: a qualitative study

As a survivor of a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism in 2011, I can say, with an air of authority that the psychological trauma, being diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression, surviving sometimes feels like the easy side of having experienced the trauma.

So, calling all blood clot survivors: Have you experienced anxiety or PTSD after your clot? The NBCA want to hear from you. Please take part in their anonymous survey about your emotional well-being following your blood clot.

Just click HERE and help expand the clinical and patient focussed understanding of this vital area of care.